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Frequently Asked Questions :

Answer :
1) I have more than 3 to 4 PC's at my center, so I need to install this Software on every PC ?

SmartEduCenter is a web based (online) Software, so you don't have to install this on any PC or Laptop. It has been developed using advance Technological platforms so you just need the Internet connectivity to access this software and experience the benefits of it.

2) If I do have some customizations as per my Organisation needs, does SmartEduCenter will provide me the needed changes specific to my requirements ?

Yes, SmartEduCenter has been designed in such a way that it is robust and customizable. So we can provide you the needed changes as per your requirements.

3) I have few staff members which are not much Computer friendly, so can they operate SmartEduCenter ?

Yes, SmartEduCenter has been designed & developed in such a way that it can be operated by anyone who has some basic knowledge of Computers. Working on SmartEduCenter is as simple and fun as playing you favourite Computer game.

4) Does SmartEduCenter provides Fee Receipts or I have to do it manually ?

Yes, SmartEduCenter provides auto-generated, well-defined and professional looking fee receipts which you can give it to your Students as your acknowledge to fees payment.

5) As we have heirarchy in our Center like Receptionist, Managers etc. Can I manage their access controls like my Receptionist should see only Enquiries and Followups etc ?

Yes, SmartEduCenter has strong access control mechanism, where a super user has the control of giving access rights to users, so that users can access only that modules for which they have rights assigned to them by super user.

6) How much SmartEduCenter will cost me ?

Considering the hundreds of benefits SmartEduCenter will have for you after you start your Organisation's operations with it. You will find the SmartEduCenter cost negligible for you. However SmartEduCenter is very economical can be purchased by every Education centers nevermind how small it is, but the amount of control & benefits you gain after using it cannot be calculated in some amount of money.